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Hand-Crafted Charcuterie Boards

Pompo and his daughter are pictured together.

We Bring Joy to People Through Hand-Crafted Products

Our Mission

To create unique, hand-crafted boards, that bring joy to those that receive them.

About Pompo

All charcuterie boards are custom-made by Pompo. A craftsman for over 40 years. Pompo’s real name is Robert Delgado, but his grandchildren call him Pompo. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Pompo does not find passion in profit, but instead finds it in bringing joy to those that appreciate his work.

Message from Pompo:

I was thinking earlier today in a way working on these boards is like rearing a child, you sand it, you work and work and you sand it again and you work at it always trying your best at it , and you make mistakes and you fill the holes and you sand it again not really knowing , how they will come out, but you see the beauty in them and you kinda have an idea what they will be like but its not until they work on themselves with putting on the sealer that one sees the real beauty in them and your really proud of them and sometimes one doesn't see the flaws in them till ther sealed but its all good!

-Robert Delgado

Thank you for your consideration! Reach out to us if you have any questions.