4 Healthy Charcuterie Board Options

Which are the healthier options to choose

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4 Healthy Charcuterie Board Options

Any classic charcuterie board recipe is typically filled with a plethora of delicious but highly processed meats and cheeses that can run on the unhealthy side. For instance, cured meats and sausage-style meats include additives for preservation, which increase the risk of disease. A healthy charcuterie board is a quick and easy way to put together an impressive feast not just for your appetite but also for your health. Here are four food options that are healthy and can be included in your charcuterie board.

Cutting meat for a Charcuterie board

Meat/ Protein

Keep your charcuterie board packed with healthy, lean proteins by including minimally processed, nitrate-free cold cuts. You should also consider healthy protein alternatives including seeds, cereals, grains, nuts, or quinoa. Also opt for artisanal cold cuts, smoked fish, vegan or vegetarian 'salami', egg slices, or marinated tofu.

Specialty cheese for a charcuterie board


Because charcuterie boards are a feast of flavors and textures, try a mix of soft and hard cheeses. Goat cheese is a healthy, low-fat, and protein-rich alternative to cheese made with cow's milk. It comes in hard and soft variations and is less likely to cause gastrointestinal upset. If you are feeling adventurous try plant-based, non-dairy cheese.

A charcuterie board with vegetables


Seasonal vegetables are an effective way to brighten up any spread because of the color, flavor, and texture. Also include fresh crudites, for instance, carrots, celery, bell peppers, and pink radishes. You can also place little jars of antipasti, include olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and cornichons onto the charcuterie board. Vegetables are some of the healthiest options you can place on your board.

A unique dip on a charcuterie board

Dips and Spreads

Dips and spreads keep your charcuterie board exciting by adding more flavorful and textured options. Healthy and tasty dips include hummus, seasoned yogurt, mushroom pate, or guacamole. If you have a sweet tooth, place small jars of your favorite fruit compote, jellies, or raw honey all over the platter. In case you want to hold back on the excess sugar, drizzle honey over a section of the spread instead of leaving a tempting little pot to dip in.

Charcuterie boards are fun to eat and perfect for entertaining. Traditional boards include a considerable amount of unhealthy food choices. But, you can keep the board fresh and healthy by including or eliminating some food options. Shop the best wooden charcuterie boards for sale online!