The Perfect Charcuterie Board for Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Charcuterie Board for Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to say, “I love you,” than with a beautiful hand-crafted charcuterie board full of delicious goodies. It’s something you can enjoy with your sweetheart, and it’s made by hand with love.

You could choose to create a traditional savory board, but at Pompo’s Boards, we suggest opting for sweets. Not only is it pretty to look at, but also incredible to indulge in! Today, we’ll guide you through creating the perfect Valentine’s Day charcuterie board.

A soft cheese on a charcuterie board

Start With a Soft and Buttery Cheese

A charcuterie board is never complete without cheese — no matter what kind of board it is. A velvety soft cheese, such as Havarti or Stilton, will complement the lighter flavors on your board. You can’t forget a buttery Brie wheel, either! Cut your cheeses into heart shapes for an extra sweet touch.

A charcuterie board with berries

Add Plenty of Red Berries

When you think about Valentine’s Day, images of pink and red probably flood your mind. That’s why your charcuterie board needs pops of color! Red berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, are the best way to achieve this.

A charcuterie board with meat and honey comb

Don’t Forget Crackers and Sweet Treats

Crackers and small treats (pastries, cookies, meringue) work as great fillers around your charcuterie board for Valentine’s Day. Plus, you can enjoy them with cheeses, dips, and berries. If your hand-crafted charcuterie board has the space, carefully place them throughout the board as you see fit.

A charcuterie board with chocolate dipped pretzels and berries

Finish With Candy and Dessert Dips

You’re almost ready to complete your Valentine’s Day charcuterie board! Finish it off with a few dessert dips and various types of candy. We suggest jam, marshmallow cream, frosting, or cream cheese for dipping. Your candy selection may depend upon your and your sweetheart’s favorite candies, but truffles or chocolate-covered pretzels are popular options.

This Valentine’s Day, show your affection by creating a charcuterie board for that special someone in your life. At Pompo’s Boards, we recommend soft cheeses, red berries, crackers and sweets, and dessert dips to make the perfect board. For the best wooden charcuterie boards for sale, we invite you to explore our collection of hand-crafted products!